So we behaved like proper homosexuals and bopped along to the appropriate Disney parades

So the alarm went off at 9AM. I was somewhat rudely awaken before hand though by bloody kids running up and down the corridor and banging doors. Anyway, it’s Disney, so I guess it’s okay, it wasn’t like it was 3 in the morning. Then it’s just all the pissed adults going back to bed running down corridors and slamming doors. Anyway, I went and got breakfast, Jamie didn’t. It was certainly less of a ‘bun-fight’ in this hotel than when we stayed in the Cheyene. Still full of bloody kids, but I could get to the yogurts without killing any of them. Oddly the coffee machines oozed out something, it certainly wasn’t coffee though. It seemed to be some sort of syrup. Anyway, went back to the room and Jamie had emptied his bowels. Talking of which mine seemed to have responded fairly well to the dose of Immodium, I’d stopped producing a hole in the ozone layer and managed to pass out something fairly solid. It was thin and snaked like, but sort of held together, a bit like a Stephen King novel. So with our bottoms sorted out we headed to the main park. Can’t remember the precise order of rides, but I think it was something on the lines of ‘Pirates of the Caribean’, followed by a couple of coasters. Space Mountain is closed for a refurb, which is somewhat annoying, but never mind. We did pretty much everything we wanted to do by about lunch time. So we had lunch. This was one we actually had to pay for. I had a salad. Actually I’ve been pretty good. I’ve had no fried food at all. It’s all been pretty much chicken and salad based. After lunch we meandered round for a bit and did a few more rides. We ended up queuing for ‘Big Thunder Mountain’, took about forty minutes. Now on my quest for fantasy threesomes behind us was a nice blond guy, probably in his early twenties, about six foot, three stone, bright white t-shirt, turned up everything, and a bloody i-Watch. Okay, bit of a ‘hipster’. Not a hair out of place, bleeched on top. Anyway, I said to Jamie he had potential. He didn’t agree. Said he was ugly. Okay, so he had his faults. For a start, he was somewhat too hairy. I can imagine inviting him back and then saying, ‘Hi, before we start. Do you mind if I get some Inmac (Veet) out and then may be go over you with a lint roller after wards?’. Plus he looked rather brittle. You can imagine shoving it in a little too vigourously and his pelvis splitting. Plus he was in the queue on his own. Shame. I hope he had a few friends somewhere around the park. I can very much relate to that, probably the first dozen or so parks I visited and indeed my first trip round the world, I did on my own. And it can be a very lonely experience. Best shared, it’s a lot more fun. We went back to the hotel and picked up cameras and hoodies. Headed back to the park and had a bit of a posh meal at a nice restaurant there. Bottle of wine, straight to the bladder. Played a few more games of ‘Buzz Lightyear Astro Blast’ and then watched the evening show. Very good. Kind of makes the projector in my lounge seem rather insignificant. Walked back to the hotel, picked up iPads and then headed to the bar. Which seems somewhat dead this evening. Lovely waitress got me my beer and Jamie cocktails. We’ve been here half hour and it’s cost me about forty quid. As they say, ‘You only live once’. James Blunt has just come on the tannoy, I’m kind of regretting that once.

It’s been a nice day. I kind of savour these and hope they balance out all the shit days. Hopeing for another nice day tomorrow.

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