I bounced all night to the best ‘Tigger’ ever

This is the second attempt at this as the first one fucked up and deleted everything.

So after last nights fun of Jamie having two cocktails and then skipping all the way back to the hotel room, then falling on the floor just outside the lower ground door. Got to the room, he was laying on the bed eating Oreo cookies. I had a shower, by the time I got out he was in bed snoring away. We have two very large beds, nice to spread out a bit, especially after all this bloody food. All we’ve seem to have done so far is eat and queue.

So I got up this morning and had breakfast and went for a stroll. Came back and eventually Jamie got up and we headed to the Movie Park. We first went on Crush’s Coaster. This is the one which usually has a giant queue or is broken down. Thankfully it was the former and that was an hour. Did the Tower of Terror. And then it was time for lunch. Yet another three course meal. This time I was supposed to be a mouse, don’t ask. Then we did the Studio Tour, which like it’s host, Jeremy Irons, is beginning to show its age somewhat. Did the new RC ride in Touy Story land and then the Rocking Roller Coaster. Did ToT one more time and then it was time to head back to the hotel.

Had a bit of a nap and then it was time to eat again. This time it was in Cafe Mickey. Okay, so the food is only about one up on a Harvester, but here you get to have a selfie with Goofy and jump with Tigger. Afterwards we ended up in the bar again. The food may have all been paid for, but my bar bill has been about eighty quid.

Tomorrow we leave the security of Disney and head North, to the ass end of nowhere and a very French theme park, probably in the rain.

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