Okay, so we didn’t expect that

Ended up staying up until 5AM. To be honest I can’t remember too much between about 2AM and 5AM, too much wine. But all very exciting. The exit polls did indeed turn out to be pretty accurate. The conservatives ended up with an overall majority. I think people in the end decided that actually the last five years weren’t too bad, so lets give him the time to finish the hob off. Plus Milliband is a bit of a twat.

Got an email from Google staking a copyright claim on some of my jingles on YouTube, I’ve disputed it, as oddly it was one thing I had bothered to print out the license for.

Work was mainly finishing off the very last of the presentation. Which is now all down, uploaded, together with the new video. I did one more rehearsal, I was great.

Slight cockup with the dogs at the vets. One dog has now been vaccinated twice and the other one is now a couple of months overdue. Dillon now at vets tomorrow.

Went to Pump. Had a bath and phoned mother. She should feel privileged.

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