Where did it all go so right?

So here we are. Release day. After three and a half years. The reviews came out yesterday, we are currently on a metacritic (which is an average of all scores) of 86. Which is pretty good. On day 1 (it’s not out in US yet) there are currently over 10,000 on line players on steam, God knows how many on PS4 / Xbox One. But everyone seems pretty happy. There are a few issues, there always are. You can’t please everybody all of the time. Instead I go for pleasing no one most of the time, which is considerably easier to achieve. But for me it was all pretty much business as usual. Finished off the bulk of the SDK upgrade, all that’s working now. Walked Sasha. Went out for another walk this evening.

In other news, it’s also election day here in the UK. So I’ll be watching torture porn of a different kind this evening.

And on the plus side I didn’t discover any one new who had died today, I got an email and two answering machine messages from my mother, don’t put one and one together.

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