I used to eat McDonald’s everyday. Today I had my first one in about a year.

Okay, so work up quite leisurely this morning. Coffee, book, more coffee. Megan was staying over. We eventually got up and walked the dogs over at the field. Came back and went to the Mall. I hung around in Game, did the fastest lap competition and drove really badly. I’m not sure the guy there was actually convinced I was the actual developer, but I’m pretty sure that before he finished his shift he would have checked my name in the credits. We ate at McDonald’s, I’m pretty sure the last time I ate there was in the States about a year ago, and to think I used to eat there daily when I was a service engineer. Dropped Megan at the station. Mowed the front grass. No need to do the back any more due to the dogs. Did a recheck for a Jack Russell. He’ll probably die of lung cancer, I was gagging by the time I left, can’t stand cigarette smoke anymore. Lovely dog and lovely people though. Came back and presented tony wall for forty-five minutes. Did the accounts. Had a bath. Now waiting for Jamie to cook my dinner. Off to London tomorrow. Won’t be back until Wednesday night.

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