Ah yes, but are they going to cover my sixty quid bar bill?

So today was all a bit weird to be honest. We’d reached number one in the games charts, but I still very much had a job to do. I did two rehersals. Everything basically went according to plan. I walked Sasha, had lunch and then headed to the station. Journey was a breeze. Met up with the guys an hour later, always a pleasure catching up. We walked to a gourmet pizza place and had a nice dinner, few beers. Ged and Steve headed back to their hotel. Anders and I knocked up a sixty quid bar bill between us at my hotel, discussing essential features. Got back to my hotel and there is a bottle of champagne plus 12 months playstation plus membership, courtesy of Sony. Nice gesture. Tomorrow is probably the biggest day of my professional career so far, I really need good hair.

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