Welcome to leap frogger, 2015 style

Okay, so even after last nights ‘lager fest’, I woke up bright as a button at 6AM. Didn’t really get anymore sleep. Eventually got up and was at the door of DevStation at just gone 8AM. I started the morning with black coffee and a banana. To be honest the bulk of the morning was a bit of a blur. Soon it was lunch. Soon it was time to say goodbye to the others, get ‘miked up’ and sit on my own near the front. I had two presenters before me, thankfully I knew them quite well. After about an hour and a half, the time came, the game video was running on screen, I walked up to the podium with two bottles of water and casually removed my phone and my wallet. Brought my presentation to the front screen and hit F5. A minute later and the video was over, the crew flicked over to my presentation and my mike was live. The next forty-five minutes were a bit of a blur, but it all went according to plan. No one started snoring and no one died. I made every point I wanted to make, got every gag in and finished in 44:55, I was quite pleased with that. When I finished I stood back and took the gentle applause. It was alll over. I didn’t fluff, falter or freeze. It really did all go according to plan. I really enjoyed it.

The whole day though has been marred by one thing. Bloody people carrying trays. Everywhere I wanted to go, some fucker with a tray of shit was trying to cut me up. It really was modern day frogger. No I do not want some green shit on a cracker, bring me some decent fucking food. Anyway, we had a good laugh and a few beers. I’m quite happy now. A lot of new contacts have been made. Now I can finally wind down and look forward to the holiday.

Now I can die happy. Today I reached the pinnicle of my professional career, and I have the t-shirt and badge to prove it.

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