Three men went to plumb, went to plumb an ensuite

Had a very odd dream where I was shouting at Jamie that ‘dog’s were only for meat’, I then chased Sasha down, grabbed her by the collar, pinned her down to the floor and then chopped her head off with a meat cleaver. Thankfully when the alarm went off, she came bounding along, complete with head. Dillon I’m not so sure about, if he was missing his head he would be just as stupid. Took Sasha to day care. Started work fairly early as I was expecting plumber number three. Turned up vaguely on time, if you only measure days in hours. Nice chap, would have issues with confined spaces. Seemed to be a good balance between buggering something up and going over the top. At least he got the point that there was only about ten minutes of plumbing and the rest was tiling. See what his quote is.

Work was quite dull looking at GUI stuff. Went to the gym and did Pump. I worked on my arms.

Came back and sterilised a load more bottles. Then a barrel and got the Chenin Blanc on the go. Should be able to bottle the other white tomorrow and can then get the red on. Timing wise, I reckon I could probably get in a couple more kits before Christmas.

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