Bottled the Voignier

No dogs were slaughtered in my sleep. The only thing slaughtered was me, I drank the remains of the bucket of the California White last night and god was I shit faced this morning. Which was a good job as I had to debug network code this morning. It turned out to be multi resource locking issues when writing log files. Two cups of coffee and I had it all sorted. Then it was on to another SDK upgrade, this has highlighted a whole host of fun issues. Walked both dogs, Dillon was being a pain in the ass so I’ve ordered a proper ‘halti’ collar with a double ended lead. He’ll hate it. I was going to go to spin, but got round the corner and the traffic was horrendous and I’d brought the wrong shoes, so turned around and went back home. It was actually dry and quite mild, so did an eight mile run instead. Came back and bottled the Voignier, had a few drops, it’s very good. Then put the yeast in the other white and started the red off. Hopefully the white will be ready to transfer about Tuesday and the red on Thursday, these are quite quick kits.

Still haven’t heard from plumber number three, he’s got until the weekend.

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