So that’s the first lot bottled

Carried on from yesterday after a fairly tiring night. Spent most of the day looking at why two shaders were producing different results, it turned out to be a bizarre rounding error. All sorted and checked in now. Didn’t really get on to much else there. Stopped on time, was going for a run but it was pissing down, so decided to go to the gym to run on the treadmill, then remembered we actually have one. So did a 10Km here, in front of the telly. It only goes up to 12Km/h so I can easily outrun it. Transferred the Californian white into the bottling bucket and finally bottled twenty-eight bottles of the stuff. There was a bit left over in the bucket to stuck that in a glass in the wine fridge. Got an email from plumber number two, his quote includes fitting the extractor fan, full tanking and all tile trims, but doesn’t include the vanity top. So quite good materials and probably a good job, but still a grand dearer than plumber number one. Plumber number three coming tomorrow. I still hate plumbers.

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