I think I have bipolar or maybe another arctic disease

This morning started with breakfast followed by annotating two videos. Sarah arrived and I gave her instructions for feeding the lizards. I then finished off the videos and we took the dogs out for their last walk with us for a while. We took them to the field and chucked a ball about, they lost it after six throws. Came back. I pumped up the car tyre, which had zero psi in it. Hopefully it will hold up, it’s managed over two years like that so far. I’ve charged up the jump charger, pump thing just in case. We took the dogs to the kennels, Sasha missed us straight away, Dillon really didn’t give a shit.

Came back and started on the garden. Racked it all over and planted the grass seed. Mowed the front lawn. Mitch the hair dresser came back to work on Jamie’s hair so it wasn’t quite so orange. It looks nice now.

Then started packing. Think I’ve remembered everything. And there’s a hell of a lot of out. Had a shower and now making food.

Next update will be from LA.

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