Now get out of that

This morning actually started very early for a Sunday. I had a hair appointment at 10. It was with a butch gay called Mitch. He gave me highlights and 3rd degree chemical burns. I now have the hair of a 14 year old, with the bald patches of a 60 year old. Such is progress. Actually it all looks very nice. We came back and walked the dogs. Then Jamie went to be turned into a fat 80’s boy band member and I had lunch. Then went off Geocaching. Five hours I was out. All around Filton airfield. This was all one series. Whoever set them up took a great deal of care. Each one was a bit of a puzzle. One I had to get out using a magnet. It reminded me a bit of the 80’s TV series ‘Now get out of that’, where you had to solve puzzles.

Came back and edited and uploaded two new videos. Just have the annotations to do. I’ll leave them though for a couple of weeks. Had a bath and then sat down and had pizza. Watched a film. Off to bed. Tomorrow I have to charge everything up and then pack everything. Then the journey begins….

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