There are always two pissed farts at the first class bar, okay one of them was me

So today is actually tomorrow as yesterday was a very long today. So I’ll do yesterday which for you will most likely be the end of today and today I’ll do sometime early in your tomorrow.

We got up vaguely on time, I had coffee and breakfast. No dogs to worry about. All packed up. Car journey was fairly uneventful. Had to wait a bit to get the van to the airport from the car park but soon checked into first class. We then went through security and into the Virgin Club lounge. Wow, this is the way it really should be done. We had a verity of daft soft furniture to choose from. So picked the most awkward table possible to eat from. I had a curry, Jamie had a burger. I had much beer. We then changed seats to somewhere with a plug and I edited a new video. Soon we were called for boarding, where we literally walked straight to the gate and then straight on the plane. We were shown to our booths. Which was literally a giant reclining seat together with another one masquerading as a foot stool. The whole thing could recline almost flat. You didn’t get a good view of the window though due to the angle. We were served warm champagne.

Soon we took off. Now this is an eleven hour flight so I had a couple of beers and then watched a film, the second ‘Hunger Games’ one, it was okay, but not brilliant. I felt quite tired as it was now about 9PM. So got up and pressed the conversion button, this turned the entire seat into a six-foot bed. Complete with duvet. I then got a bit of kip before being rudely awaken by some fairly pissed women at the bar. So I went and joined her. We had a good conversation for a couple of hours. I only drank chilled water as I was driving later. They eventually stopped serving us as she was getting very loud. I went back to bed. For an eleven hour flight it was over in a flash.

Then came the usual bull-fight that was immigration. Took about an hour to get through. The women wouldn’t believe the photo in the passport was me and I broke the fingerprint machine, so pretty much business as usual there. We got straight out and into the car rental bus. Few minutes journey and a bit of paperwork and we were choosing out car. Not a huge choice but a guy asked what we were looking for so I just asked for a Nissan Altima, like we had last time. He led me to a fairly new black one with just five thousand miles on the clock. We will double that. It then took me about twenty minutes and an extra bod to work out how the seat moved. Sat-nav all worked fine. We trundled to the hotel. I almost took the barrier out and kept veering to the right, so fairly normal there.

Hotel checkin was fine, room was fine. We were both fairly knackered, but walked down to Denny’s and had a burger. So went to bed at about 1AM. Woke up this morning at 9AM so all fairly good now I think. Tomorrow, today whenever, not sure what we are doing.

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