“Shaddict”, I was hoping it was an addicted to shopping support group

Very very restless this morning. Had to shift all the wine off the spare bed and get in that for a couple of hours. Nothing to do with Jamie, I was just overheating in a big way. Managed to get a couple hours sleep in. Today was all about profiling, which is very dull, but something that needed to be done.

Walked the dogs, Dillon actually now is learning with the lead just on his collar.

Went to Combat, that’s the last one now before I’m off on holiday. Came back and did a bit more work, then did some video editing. Finally sat down and watched some good telly. I kept getting emails duplicated from mother from, “Shaddict”, I thought, shit, she’s subscribed to a shopping addicts support group. But after some research it turns out to be a group for some dmm vampire book. Oh well, at least she isn’t moaning at the moment, well not much anyway.

Four days to go.

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