Think I’ve worked out the luggage dilema

So yesterday was basically staying in bed until I got a stiff neck. I then got up, walked the dogs and shot two new videos. After lunch I walked into town and looked at suitcases. Yep, that exciting. Now here’s the issue, we can take up to three each on the way there, each weighing up to 32Kg. On the way back we can have two each, weighing 23Kg. So far Jamie has a giant one and I have a medium one. I’m still debating if to get a larger suitcase, but then have the issue of it not going over 23Kg or to take two medium ones. But I think I’ve come up with an alternative plan…Jamie purchased a rather gay small suitcase, which is actually the max size for hand luggage. So what I was thinking was to put my backpack and camera bag inside that, then if necessary I can check it in on the way back. Plus I won’t look like so much of a Chav with an Airwalk rucksack when cruising into first class. I’ll just look like a Chav who’s one the lottery.

Last night we went to Lisa and Andy’s who we haven’t seen since about October. Entirely their fault of course. I took large amounts of my homebrew. Lisa drank two bottles of the Red, at the end of the evening she was sat in the taxi in her dressing gown telling the taxi driver how he had to take care of us, all the time the meter was running. By the time she’d got out, we’d clocked up over a fiver.

Got home, went to bed, drank wine.

So this morning not much happened apart from breakfast. I finally deleted Tinder after someone on there sent me a message, ‘Paedo’, lovely. I decided it was time to clear the larder and fridge out. Two large bin bags later and we now have space, no rotting vegetables and no more fucking Reggae-reggae sauce. I also cleared out the freezer. All it contains now is frozen peas and pizza.

After a couple of boiled eggs I decided it was a really great idea to dig the garden. In the rain. So I did. I got wet. The garden is now partially dug. This is in preparation that when we are away I will have planted grass seed and the dogs won’t be constantly trying to ‘fertilize’ it.

I then started packing. Twenty-two pairs of everything. I’m sure I’ve missed lots of stuff. Oh, I finally ordered that hard drive, and a case for it. Jamie went out on some hot date with Callum, cleverly disguised as some works leaving do. I know what they’re up to, licking each others spicy chicken. Meanwhile I’m at home doing the washing, looking after his kids. Did the accounts. Now masturbating wildly over ‘Dan & Phil’.

I have three videos to edit and upload this week. Busy evenings for sure.

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, Lisa, yes that’s you. You can find it here.

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