Tonight I will not order anything from Amazon Prime

Had yet another restless night, woke up at about 5AM, didn’t really get back to sleep. Started just before 10AM. Working on profiling, lots of profiling. It’s very dull. Still three more days. There’s a demo due pretty much while I’m away, I’m sure everything will descend into chaos, at least then they’ll miss me more.

Hard drive case arrived, so that’s everything now. Just waiting for two more items from Amazon. I will not be ordering anything else tonight. Worked solid all day so finished just after 6PM. Out I went with my pen and GPS. It was actually a really nice evening. Headed over towards Cribbs Causeway. Did a quick cache outside a church and then headed for one Lisa couldn’t find, ‘Tyrannosaurus Trev’. Found it in about ten seconds. Then found another one next to Asda. Was going to do one more but the light was going and it was beginning to get chilly. Came back and did a bit more video editing, this one I’m not overly enthusiastic about, it’s just a mash up of the Heads Up app, the video quality is awful, but not as bad as the sound. I think I’ll reduce it to just a few minutes. I have two other ones I want to get on and edit before we go away.

Watch a bit of telly and early night I think. Try and get some sleep for once.

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