Seamstress required

So woke up quite late. Actually awaken by the dogs who wanted a pee. I then had breakfast followed by average sex. I skipped lunch and headed out. Parked up at Winterbourne. Managed about seven caches, it kept on raining which was rather annoying. Came back about six, waited around for a bit then got the BBQ going. It took about half a bottle of white spirit and a dozen copies of the ‘Evening Post’ to get it going, but after about an hour and a half it was ready. So we had a sad BBQ for two, with two dogs, on a cloudy evening. It was kind of sweet in the sense of an old couple who eat soggy sandwiches on a beach in Devon in November. I had a bath.

Now, I don’t usually ask for much as I usually just buy it, I don’t like asking people for things, but I happen to know someone who threw there son out of there house so they could have a sewing room….I need some simple sewing done. I’m coming up now to 250 geocaches found. So I’m going to get a t-shirt and a couple of so on patches, it’s very boy-scout I know, but it’s taken a lot of work to get to 250. Okay, I’m not actually there yet, I’m at about 160. But I reckon a good eight to ten days caching I’ll be there. I think I’ll be quite proud to where my geeky t-shirt with my patches on it.

On another note, mother is back to her old buying habits. She orders forty quids worth of Nina Leonard skirt shit, then moans at my sister that she’s over her overdraft limit. Sorry, sympathy has ended, lets just do the ‘Lord is my Shepard’ thing and move on. I’ve seriously just had enough now.

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