I thought I lost the ability to type, then I trimmed my nails

Woke up this morning to an offer of sewing, thank you. I will need to get to 250 first though, so that’s about another eighty to go…

Monday work was ver slow. Spent ages trying to re-write something, which wasn’t going anywhere quickly. It highlighted a bug elsewhere so went chasing that. Walked the dogs separately so I could work on Dillon’s pulling. I think I will give Mandy a call about Sasha, see if we can work on her ‘fight or flight’ response.

Went to combat. Sarah was still rather livid, not surprised. I must admit I wouldn’t have posted that FaceBook status, I would have just made a video instead, then made it public on YouTube.

Came back home and back to work. I’m sure I get more done in the few hours on a Monday evening than I do during Monday daytime. Wrote a complete new mutex system, based on some old code I found. After plenty of debugging it works very well. Has all the advantages of a simple atomic mutex swap, but with the added advantage that if you have multiple thread locks it will release them in a thread priority order. So it uses atomics and a semaphore, which is an interesting combination, but does indeed work.

Ate salad and watched the Grand Prix qualifier. More joyous fun tomorrow.

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