Las Vegas, you may have redeemed yourself, just a little bit

So this morning started with a fairly easy drive across to Las Vegas private aerodrome. Met with pilot, a fairly gung-ho chap. We got going and all was fairly relaxed. He took the door off his side, which gave a very interesting cross-wind handling characteristic. We flew over the mountains for a bit and then we got permission to fly over the strip. That was great as they don’t usually allow unlicensed R22’s to do that sort of thing. However we had to keep within a 100ft of 3,000 and a minimum of 80kts, which in an R22 is at the upper limit. It was a fantastic hour really enjoyed it.

We then headed out for lunch, we walked for about an hour, decided we were only half way, so jumped on a bus and came back again and then got the car. We went to the ‘Heart Attack Grill’, which hold the world record for the most calories in a triple burger. I went for the double burger and managed to finish it, it was okay, nothing special. But it’s more for the experience. I can back. Jamie fell asleep as he’d had a Tequila and has the drinking ability of a 10 year old girl.

Later in the evening we walked down to the ‘Quad’ and watched ‘Diva’s’ which was a great show of drag queens performing various numbers. The Liza Minnelli performer was excellent. Came back and had a couple of beers. Uploaded tonights video.

So far better than the horrible day that yesterday was. I’m growing to like you, but still have no desire to ever come back again. Grand Canyon tomorrow.

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