Somebody please, turn on the heater

So this morning we left Las Vegas and the Trump Tower. Probably a bit later than I would have liked. We soon stopped for gas and a McDonalds. It was then a pretty massive drive to the Grand Canyon. We saw a sign for the Hoover Dam, it wasn’t much of a diversion so we stopped off there. Now there’s a very impressive site. After a few photos we did a near continuous drive to Grand Canyon national park.

As soon as we got out the car we thought, “Fuck, it’s cold”. We started off in Vegas at about 75 degrees, here it was 43 degrees. But we were about four and a half thousand feet up, so the pressure had dropped. Boy was it cold. We took lots of photos and video around the rim, then took a few stops on the bus to get a few different angles. It’s a very impressive site.

Drove to the hotel which was only a couple of miles away. Had a rather expensive mediocre meal. Having a fairly early night, as I have a hell of a lot of driving to do tomorrow.

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