I think I’ve found the US equivalent of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

So today started a bit more slowly than planned, but we mad it out the hotel by about ten and into the iHop. Where I consumed pancakes. It was then back into the car and out of Los Angeles. We then spent the first half hour taking wrong intersections but soon settled into it. Apart from a quick pee stop about three-quarters in it was a continuous journey.

I must admit, the scenery was breathtaking. Drive was uneventful. The roads were incredibly straight.

They say that Las Vegas appears out of the desert, I wish it would vanish right back into it again. We got to the hotel no problem. Valet parking, I’m sure that’s the last I’ll see of th sat-nav. Checkin was fine, the room, or suite is fine. It has a jacuzzi and a TV in the bathroom mirror. We had a bath and then took the shuttle bus further down the strip. We then walked to the Planet Hollywood theatre to see Britney Spears. The show was fine, although I did get jumped on by security for videoing the whole thing on a GoPro and he got me to delete it all. I’ll have to wait until I’m home now to do a file recovery on it, but should be okay. Jamie didn’t really enjoy it. Said she didn’t put a lot of effort in. We then walked back towards the hotel and managed to eat at a rather nice Italian at the Venation.

Now here’s my problem with the place. It’s just so tacky, so full of opulence, just so vulgar. You can’t walk down the street without someone trying to thrust a leaflet in your hand about some strip joint or titty bar. It exists for one purpose, thats to take as much money as possible from as many people as possible, to give to no doubt the few. Which is ironic, when we are staying in Donald Trumps place.

Do yourself a favour, if you’ve ever seen the place on the telly and thought it looked great, then savour those memories and don’t come here. I can’t wait to get out of the awful place.

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