I’ve been on Radio 1, okay, well my video has

This morning was a bit weird. Started in one of those odd dream states. There was no way I could afford 95 grand. Okay, this is what happened, we decided that on our American trip we couldn’t survive without all our worldly goods. So we packed them into a container. We then got a haulage company to transport the whole lot to Tokyo. But on the day they were due to go I told Jamie that it really wasn’t worth bothering with and that he should cancel it. So he rang them up and the lady was quite upset because apparently the two guys taking the lorry had planned their route to pick up a load of booze on the way back. I then said he should ring the broker as well as they would need informing. I’d already paid out eight grand for the haulage. The broker then told me to cancel would be anywhere between a grand and ninty-five grand. There was no way I could afford that so refused to sign.

I hadn’t even eaton any cheese before that.

Got up and siliconed the flooring in the kitchen. We then took the dogs out to the field. Came back and popped up to the mall, I looked at headphones, still undecided.

Came back and put down a few lengths of beading, still a load more to do, but it’s a start.

Put on the Dan & Phil, radio one show. And oh yes, my video was the first on. Okay, they synced it to another track, but hey, that’s one more than Jamie has ever achieved.

I can die happy, but I’m going to eat first.

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