“Dillon was almost in key”, “It’s a shame you weren’t”

This morning started fairly early, but to be honest I was very tired, so I kept dozing off into some amazing R.E.M. sleep with some very vivid dreams. I eventually go up at about mid-day. Took Sasha out as Dillon wasn’t interested. Weighed her at the vets, she’s losing weight at a rate that I’d like to. So I’ve put them on a tin each for tea now.

Had lunch. Went to B&Q. Had a hell of a job finding upvc quadrant. Got everything in the end. Then drove towards town. Walked in, tested out a few sets of headphones. Walked back to the car again, picked it up and went to tool station. Got some more silicone sealant and a mitre saw. Drove home. Did want sex with Jamie but he wasn’t there. Did the accounts. Then made pan cakes. Every year I make the same mistake. I make myself about six, but they are so bloody filling I can only eat about two. ‘Barcelona’ came on the radio, Dillon and I were singing along to it. Ordered a new UPS, okay, it’s a reconditioned one, but still over two hundred quid. But as it’s a work thing it’s fully tax deductible. Tomorrow I get to do more DIY things.

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