FaceBook settings, damn you

Spent ages tracing a shader compiler bug. That was the highlight of my morning. Walked Sasha. Then spent the entire afternoon editing shaders and fixing fun shader compiler errors. This week is going to be all about shaders. It’s going to be very very dull. At least it doesn’t require much brain power, it’s just iteration after iteration.

Went to the gym and did Combat. Admired my arms. Came back and did more bloody shaders. Didn’t get on to anything else, was hoping to do a bit more editing but wasn’t in the mood so sat down and caught up on some telly.

Last night when editing FaceBook permissions on a video I made it public by mistake. Mother saw it it and commented ‘Awesome!’, so she’s still alive and thinks she’s about 15.

My plasticine hasn’t turned up.

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