Fuck you ‘air-law’, fuck me ‘operational procedures’

So today started with Jamie mounting me and tossing me off, although I may have dreamed that bit. He did look quite fit, so may be the latter. Had a relaxing morning in bed, fed the dogs, had breakfast, read the paper. Phoned mother, managed to stop her talking about herself for almost an hour. Walked Sasha, then drove up to Staverton.

Good flight today, all about emergency procedures in the circuit. So we did lots of autorotations on final, down wind, take off and an absolute shit load in hover. Those hurt, as you are dropping out of the sky six feet at a time and hitting the ground. All good.

Came back into the hanger and then was going to do the ‘air-law’ exam. Candia then explained that it had been split into two, ‘air-law’ and ‘operational procedures’. So I sat both papers. Air law was fine. I think I got about three wrong and two of those were stupid. Operational procedures however was sixteen questions, I got four right, so statistically I could have ticked it random and got the same. Didn’t have a fucking clue. Then she says, oh, there is a new book out to cover the new exam. Book purchased, more reading required.

Came back. Went for a run. Did the accounts and had a bath. Jamie is cooking. I may require pudding.

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