I feel naked

Woke up this morning and I heard something drop on the floor as I got out of bed. Then my necklace started hanging down my cheats. Finally after about twenty-two years the very fragile clasp had broke at the join. I’ve worn it every day since I had it, it was bought in Jersey when I was there with Mark. I will take it to a jewellers hopefully tomorrow. Needs to be fixed, cost isn’t important, I feel naked without it.

Work went surprisingly well, fairly quiet, I got on with a load of stuff to do with thread management. Game is still demoing in London, and getting good feedback.

Went for a quick run at lunchtime, only about ten minutes. Saw a woman and a girl walking a tiny dog at the end of the road. It was taking a shit on the grass. They just walked off. I stood there and stared, the girl looked round then got, I take it her mother to look round. I glared. She said, “Sorry I don’t have a bag, I would have cleared it up if I had one.” I thought to myself, “Sorry, I will punch you in the face, I wouldn’t if I had more self control”. I glared a stare that Lionel Blair would be proud of. Bitch. Next time I’ll just kill her.

Went to Pump. Put weights near enough back to normal, then did a session with Laverne afterwards. Came back and did a load more work while Jamie was creating a racket on the treadmill.

Flying tomorrow.

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