I do enjoy jetting ‘fat-burgs’

Okay, so didn’t get up at the crack of dawn. Actually I don’t think I had breakfast until about 11AM. Read for a bit then got up. Got the jet washer out, plus my high pressure drain cleaner. I then spent the best part of three hours jetting the drains. This is kind of a biannual job, that involves shoving a pipe down the drain gully and running it back and forward for hours on end. Plus the fun part of removing all the drain covers, shoving your hands in and scooping out handfuls of basically white solid fat. I’ve got them all running smoothly again, I reckon another twelve months and they no doubt need doing again. Also cropped some of the bush outside and shoved it in the black bin. Put the swimming pool on top of it (don’t ask).

I then fired out and went to Tytherington, which is a village just outside Thornbury, parked up at the pub. Did one Geocache within 50M and then another dozen or so over the next few hours. That’s basically that village done now. There is one puzzle cache there that I’ll probably get next time, then probably move about a mile away for the next group. Over the three hundred mark now. Target is five hundred next year, so all these are a bit of a bonus at the moment.

Came back and had a bath, now it’s time to cook one of my special hot curries.

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