Feeling kind of chunky

Woke up this morning feeling wider. Not in a fat kind of way, but more in a bulky kind of way. I think my efforts in the gym are slowly paying off. I certainly haven’t lost any weight, but my chest feels firmer and looks more defined. I actually quite like it.

Working today on one bug, which took all day, hadn’t finished it by gym time. Went to spin and lost weight. Sat down this evening ate Ryvita’s and put it all back on again. Finally traced and fixed the bug.

We did a bit more holiday scheduling, managed to cut down on day to day mileage. It’s still a hell of a long drive though.

Managed to get hold of a North American map for a Garmin GPS. Now just need a Garmin GPS.

It’s now 3AM. I’m feeling great. One week to go.

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