What happens if you accelerate rapidly towards death and then forget to brake at the finale?

Woke up at 6:15AM, so decided to get up there and then and take Sasha to daycare. Was back in bed by 7AM. Actually started work just after 10AM. The cleaners arrived shortly afterwards. Don’t think I’ve ever had the same ones twice.

Work was fine, going trough a bug list and fixing most of it. A few more still to do. Picked the dog up. Went to Pump, gave it bloody everything. Came back, did more bugs and had my protein shake. Ate salad, continued in my quest to kill off four hours of TV a night. Managed three and a half. Only eight days to go now. Watching a few bits on E-bay. I think I’ll be hiring a GPS from here for the three weeks as it’s only twenty quid. Looking for a new wallet, can’t find one I like, it’s rather annoying. I want one like I have now, but less fucked.

Hopefully flying again Saturday, will try and take some more footage and put a decent video together.

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