One week to go

Again after a very late night I was up and about and started work early. Fed everyone and had breakfast. Work was fixing rumble on a controller and then writing a video player. We usually use a 3rd party one, but due to ever spiralling licensing costs I was asked to find an alternative. The console does have built in MP4 decoding, so I spent the afternoon writing all the support for that. It’s mostly done now, just needs hooking up and testing.

Went to the gym and did Pump, followed by a really good session with Laverne afterwards. She was really surprised that I could do the plank while suspended from TRX fully extended on a ball. I still feel rather wide.

Finished off work. Then hung the washing up. Sat down and watched a film, “Cars2”, which was recorded over Christmas, still trying to do four hours of telly a night, but it’s bloody hard going. Ate my chicken pasta dish. Feel quite full. So one more week to go, off the booze. I’ve kind of enjoyed it, it’s been easier than I expected. Plus I’m giving absolutely everything at the gym at the moment, and I think it’s actually paying off a bit.

Still scheduled for flying tomorrow.

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