Disney’s California Adventure

We woke early again. This tends to happen when we go to the US. I don’t know if it’s because we go to bed a lot earlier than we do at home. I think it was well before one when we went to bed last night. Anyway we got ready early and then found out the park opened at 10. We made it there for about half past. Went straight to the new ‘Cars’ ride, there was a massive queue for the fast pass so we joined the stand-by line which actually moved pretty quickly. We got on the ride about and hour and a half later. It was pretty good actually. Nicely themed and executed. Went from there on to California Screamin and then on to Tower of Terror. Managed to get Go-Pro footage from all of them. We had a light lunch which turned into a vast vat of turkey and salad. Then I got my face painted as a tiger and we saw a couple of parades and shows. We did a couple more rides and then it was time to eat yet again. Jamie had already booked for this fine dining place and we had great fish and seafood. Plus we had a pass to get into the best viewing area for the evening show. The show was excellent, even if I did get a bit wet. Great day all in all. Only downer was I got shouted at by some trumped up bird when taking pictures of Goofy. “Sir, if you want to take a picture you have to join the back of the queue.” Now if I wasn’t in a relaxed state I would have just punched the bitch, but as I was standing there in a Disney hat with my face painted like a tiger I decided it was just best to bugger off.

Came back to the hotel and then started to edit the four hours of footage we shot. Did a very rough ‘highlights’ edit which is uploading to YouTube now. I’ll do a more detailed one of the parades at a later date. So had a quick shower and then shot down to the bar as its the only place I get free wi-fi.

Started the upload ect. A quick time-out here. The barman is the same man I saw two years ago, he’s been tending bar at this hotel for thirty-six years. He’s a Mexican chap, but is truly lovely. I came down at eleven-fifty, it closes at twelve. I ordered a beer, he said he was closing up, so queued me up another one. I’m still here at twelve-thirty as the video is processing. He’s left me with a big cup of crisps and a coke to be going on with. He says he’s sixty-six, I hope he’s here if we come back in another couple of years, such a lovely chap.

So tomorrow, really, the road trip really starts and we move on to Vegas. It’s going to be fun, it’s been fun already. The only thing I fear with my bi-polar is the hell of a crash that will come at the end of it, that may very well finish me off. But for the moment, I’m having a great time.

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