What do you do in LA? Well go shopping of course

So last nights plan, went, well according to plan. So we woke up at a sensible time. I had coffee. No cereal, so instead had to put up with wine gums. Ventured out and set a course for a Walmart. Made it there successfully, but didn’t end up buying anything. We then ventured to our second mall of the day. Looked at lots of cheap video cameras, was trying to buy the Zoom, but it was incomplete and basically really old. After chatting to the sales guy, ended up buying a Hero 3 white addition plus a couple of extra mounts. We then ventured to another mall, found a Hot Topic and bought lots of cool gear. Just pissed that there isn’t one of these in the UK. We had lunch at some weird Mexican, non Mexican place. I had salad, which was rather nice. Then relocated to an outlet centre where Jamie persuaded me to part with a couple of hundred dollars on perfume. We drove back to the hotel.

Must be stated that in today’s driving I only attempted to drive the wrong way down a road once, which to be honest is bloody good for me. The car is still in one piece.

Jamie put the go-pro on on a chest mounts and I set up the DSLR. Made a quick video which is uploading at the moment. Ended up syncing with the go-pro footage as well which worked pretty well. We then went to Downtown Disney and went shopping yet again.

Came back to the hotel. I had sex, Jamie was there, although I’m not sure he really partakes. Had a shower. We then went to a restaurant called ‘The Cheesecake Factory’. I had the chicken. Which was the size of a KFC family bucket. I ate most of the chicken. Jamie had some split platter thing which was just obscene. Afterwards of course we had cheesecake. I had some lemon and raspberry thing. Jamie had an Oreo cookie thing, which looked like about a billion calories.

It’s no wonder American’s are the size they are if they eat this shit. The fun thing is, they turn into a lard ass, then get given a mobility scooter, so they then get no exercise whatsoever, so just get even fatter. They don’t need a mobility scooter, what they need is a fucking treadmill and a good salad.

Tomorrow we are off to Disney. This evening I’m sat at the bar, which is very business. It’s run by a small Mexican guy who’s been here since the hotel opened thirty-four years ago. He’s a cool guy. He went all the way over to reception and scribbled down the wifi password for me.

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