So 5 years for Rolf

Spent most of the morning fairly gripped to the live feed of the court proceedings of Rolf Harris. He was eventually given five years nine months. He will spend three years in prison. One an end for an 84 year old. I’m still not 100% sure where I stand on this. One part of me says this happened so long ago that we should have some kind of statute of limitations and it wouldn’t be possible to prosecute, the other says ‘throw away the key’. One things for sure though, I’m disappointed. I met him some twenty odd years ago, when he had the parody of ‘Stairway to heaven’ in the charts. He was doing pant at Bath theatre royal with Leslie Joseph and Sylvester McCoy. He was on the phone at the reception saying that he was getting ‘piss all royalty’ for it. Will always remember that, it was the Bath Spa Hotel. Another thing that is quite disappointing is back when Nat was alive, she went to his last gig in Bristol. The charges had just been brought against him. There he read out a letter of support and got a standing ovation. She has now passed, he is now a poedophile, she will be spinning in her grave, if she was alive she also would be very disappointed.

Work wise it was still all about shader debugging and divide by zero errors.

Walked the dogs. Went to gym and did Pump, followed by a session with Laverne. Finished the new helicopter video.

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