The homo’s go shopping in SuperDry

Saturday to be honest nothing much exciting happened. I got up late, walked the dogs and then went off to Easter Compton to do some GeoCaching. Found about four, was then going to head into town but decided I couldn’t be arsed so went home and edited a video instead. We went to the Italian in the evening which was lovely, but empty. Had an early night and read a book.

So Sunday, we stayed in bed too long, I had breakfast. I was just going to go out and do some GeoCaching but decided it would be nice to do something together. Normally, unless we are on holiday (where we try to avoid each other anyway) we don’t really see much of each other. So we went to the Swindon outlet centre and went to the SuperDry store and bought some nice clothes. The discounts offered actually far outweigh the petrol. We also did a GeoCache. Came back, then we took the dogs out, attached to cameras. So that’ll be a fun one to edit.

Still trying to find somewhere for the holiday. Ho hum.

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