So flying has become fun again

Today I was working mainly on shader debugging. Nothing wrong with the shaders working, it’s just in some cases they can produce odd results like divide by zero, not a number and infinity. We now have a way of trapping the source of these errors, it’s just a long iterative process testing them all.

Walked Sasha, Dillon just hid under the bed, he was still quite tired from yesterday. Then in the afternoon I vanished off to Heliflight. Met up with Jon who I already knew. Decided we were going to do a bit of a review. He said the guy I flew with last time can be a little bit dull and isn’t very adventurous. We flew out to the north west and did a couple of climbs and descents and a couple of autos. First one was a bit chaotic but the next two were good. Returned to the airfield, the first approach was a bit steep but landed it. I did two more circuits which were near enough perfect. We then did another one with a full engine off landing. These are always fun, if you enjoy pretending to crash. All in all though very enjoyable. He didn’t moan once about me exceeding RPM limits or not checking carb heat. He just let me get on with flying. I’ll be seeing him again.

Came back and did some more work. Went for a run. Did more work. Finally ate.

More shader debugging tomorrow. Pump with Laverne, followed by a weights session afterwards. Hopefully won’t fall ill again afterwards.

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