Today I had a ‘me’ day, this is how my mother must feel every day of her life

So this morning started off with letting the dogs out, not that it did a great deal of good as Dillon shit on the floor later anyway. Had breakfast for three, coffee and emails and shit. Got up eventually. Thought about starting on the lounge, then thought sod it, I’ll have a play around instead. So I set up the CX2 extreme on the DX6i and got that all going. Then I disassembled the E-Sky 4-in-1 on one of the CP2’s and installed an AR6100, so that was compatible with the DX6i. That was actually really good fun. And it seems to fly okay. I’ll take that one outdoors over Christmas and give it a good blast.

Walked the dogs with Jamie. Then played on the arcade cabinet. Did a bit of re-wiring, so we have an extra player 2 coin slot, also fixed the exit game button. Played ‘Dragon’s Lair’ lots. Played with all it’s settings. Had a bath while Jamie wrapped presents. Will now get the tea on. Work for a couple of days, but I think it’s only me in, so I can just get on with it. The gym is closed. So may go for a walk or do some running or something.

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