If you put your costume on you can call me Cersei

So today started once again how I like to start a Saturday. With coffee, cereal and a warm dog. Once that was out of the way I looked through the Christmas radio times and worked out what I’m going to watch and when the Royal Institution Christmas lectures are on.

Got up and walked the dogs. I surprised Dillon with a bit of a Pincer manoeuvre with his harness. As soon as he had it on he was fine.

Came back and then went over to Tesco’s to pick up a couple of bits for a couple of meals this week. Bought a couple of large bones for the dogs. Saw Jamie and game of thrones boy. They are off shopping again tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll end up in the back of a car park somewhere, with “Oh Tyrion”, “Oh Cersei”, being shouted out as the suspension creeks.

Had lunch. Went into town, which wasn’t as heaving as I was expecting. Picked up a couple of small presents. Visited mother, listened to her talk about herself. Showed her how to use her Amazon account to buy books. She will have forgotten by now and will no doubt be phoning me later about it. Have a nice iced Christmas cake though. Fruit cake always makes me fart a lot.

Did the accounts, paid bills. Renewed my virus killer. I’m cooking tonight, yay, Fajitas. Think I’ll play on the arcade cab for a bit, have a bath and then get the food on. Jamie’s out tomorrow, so I may do something really Christmassy and start looking at decorating the lounge.

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