So I carried a car bonnet across Japan

So first thing this morning I towed the kart to a field and met up with the other guys. Somehow I’d manage to acquire a stash of nyloc wheel nuts so I was handing these out. I walked back to the car and decided I’d go for a walk. But I thought I couldn’t go for a walk empty handed so I unscrewed the car bonnet, stuck it under my arm, it was quite comfortable as the bracket sat under my chin. I got on a small cushion and started hovering, I was getting strange looks just outside the petrol station but I continued on my way until I got to the Trocadero Centre. I then decided that if I kept turning left I would end up where I started. So I turned left and headed for Shinjuku, then left again to Harijuku. At this point I ended up in a small office where there was woman negotiating with a couple of kids about fly posting. I soon left here and turned left again, all was fine as I was back at the petrol station, still hovering on my cushion with a car bonnet under my chin.

I woke up. The rest of the day just wasn’t as interesting. Work was quiet, so I got a few bits done. Weather has been awful, so briefly took the dogs out when it was dry. Did more work. No gym today as it closed early. Tidied up the house, as the cleaners are coming tomorrow. Repaired the arcade cabinet, it had a weird fault where the ‘up’ was only operating on release, so I’ve rewired it to another channel. I’ve also changed the joysticks so they work properly on diagonals. Now I’m waiting for Jamie to bugger off so I can wrap up the Christmas presents.

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