The Chardonnay looks to be a success

An oddly busy day, yet oddly not a great deal done. So got up after studying pizza recipes. Had to do a house check for a cat. So walked the dog and weighed her, the diet is working. Then did the shopping, time was rapidly creeping on. Dived back, ate some toast and then shot out again. Did the home check, then popped into ToolStation to pick up a few bits. Then went round mothers and listened to her talk about herself. She said she may go up a ladder tomorrow to fix her roof felt, so there’s a good probability that we can kill her off yet.

Came back and sterilised a load of kit. Syphoned off the Chardonnay and gave it a quick taste. It’s very good, very drinkable, but need to let it mature a while yet. Also started to clear the red, that’s looking good to. Not sure which one to do next, may be a Pinot? Anyway, did the accounts. Now time for a shower and then I’m making my own pizza, this could be interesting….

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