I’ve managed to create energy, or a math error

So today I was pretty much flat out on physics calcs. Had an interesting one to do with inertia and gearing. If you have an object that’s rotating it has an inertia on an axis, now if that goes through a gear, say 2:1 the output object is now moving twice the speed. If they both have the same mass then they would have the same inertia at the same velocity, so if the second one is twice the velocity then it should be twice the inertia, so the inertia of the whole thing is three times the original (1+2). However that’s wrong. If you work out the energy produced (which is quite handy as the energy calc uses inertia) then I’ve actually managed to prove Einstein wrong and create about twice as much energy as I put in. I think my math may be wrong.

My paint stripper has arrived. Lots and lots of it. But no doubt not enough.

Walked the dog. Did Body Pump, played with inertia. Now late, now time for a bath.

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