20 litres of paint stripper and 26 bottles of wine later

I actually got up vaguely early for a Sunday, well up by 10 anyway. So started on the mass paint stripping. By 7PM I had got through 20 litres of paint stripper, done one and a half walls and turned my finger nail yellow. Everything is now wrapped up in cling film, hopefully it will all dry properly and the pain will come off. I reckon I need another hundred quids worth of the stuff to finish it off.

After my epic stripping I started sterilizing wine bottles. Then bottled the Chardonnay. Managed to get 26 bottles out of it. So that’s now sat in the garage. There’s a little bit left in the bottom of the barrel for a few odd glasses, one of which I’m about to have now with a nice bath before the curry arrives.

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