More atomic love

Today was pretty much spent looking and fixing one bug. All to do with atomics and race conditions. I was adding an item to a lock free ring buffer then kicking a thread to read it. But there was a possibility that that thread would return due to resources and then it would all go horribly wrong. So added additional atomics to do a job count and then a spin, then finally a yield to stop it spinning on itself. Oh, the hours of fun you can have with atomics, threads and barriers. I could write a large book about them, it would be very dull.

Apart from that I’ve done pretty much nothing today, other than going to Pump. That will be the last gym class of the year. I wore my Santa hat again.

Still waiting for this damn thing to compile so I can check it all in. Then it’s bath time. Jamie’s out with ‘Game of Thrones’ boy, probably having a blowy in a car park somewhere, then polished off with a Nando’s.

Annoyingly thanks to the weather there’s been no flying for a couple of weeks and looking at the forecast it doesn’t look much better later in the week either. Never mind, at least I save some money.

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