Melissa may dream but I didn’t

So took these new pills last night, about an hour before I went to bed. Then finally got to sleep about 4AM, so they worked well. Will try again tonight. They are called ‘Melissa dream’. Yeah right.

Took Sasha to daycare at 6:30AM, Dillon was somewhat put out. Went back to bed just as Jamie came home from work.

Got up, found my issue with blotchy red bits, was due to Nan’s, not a relative (I usually blame my mother anyway), NAN means ‘not a number’. Then worked on ground cover again, which I finally fixed.

Went to the gym and did pump, first time I’ve done it on a Wednesday for about a year. Was good fun. Came back and did far too much work and got far too stressed. Finally sat down to eat at about 11PM. Going to have a bit more food then an early night I think.

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