If you had virginity you’d lose that as well

So today we managed to start earlier than yesterday, but still wasn’t that early. We descended on the area of Sega Joypolis. We visited several shopping arcades and had a coffee in a ‘cat cafe’. This is a bizare concept, but I can see it’s appeal. You pay for an hour in the lair of cats with a coffee, it’s actually very relaxing. We also visited ‘Hello Kitty’ land, which is twee and vomit inducing.

Then we hit Sega Joypolis, which is pricey, but to be honest has more interesting stuff than Disney. We did the Sonic athletics game and a few others. Then just as it was getting interesting Jamie mananged to lose his passport ticket, so that fucked everything up. I did one more driving game thing which was quite fun then we hit the gift shop. Considering this is Sonic central, the gift shop is fairly dissapointing.

Incidentally I managed to go to a “Tower Records” and buy “Sexy Thing” by some gorgeous Japanese boy band. I need to look more into Japanese boy bands.

We ate again at ‘Pronto’ and then ventured on to the ‘bar’ where we ordered various shit. Okay was a bit pissed off earlier, but got over it, overall a fun day had by all.

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