Tokyo Skytree

We were on a lazy day today, but perhaps more lazy than we should have been. We were eventually turfed out by housekeeping at about 3PM. We took various train combinations to Tokyo and eventually made it to Tokyo Skytree. Now this was one of Japan’s special pieces of organisation which of course all made sense if you are Japanese. However I found a nice man who knew instantly I was a bit thick and pointed me towards a tent where they were giving out timed flyers. You then took one of these and at the alloted time could come back and then buy a ticket. It was all very confusing but we got it sorted in the end. So after we obtained the flyer we had about an hour and a half to kill, so we went in search of somewhere to eat. Jamie found a place and I settled down to a very odd Japanese dish of an omlette which contained chicken fried rice with curry sauce. It sounds and looks fairly disgusting, but actually tasted very nice. We made it up the sky tree in the end and view is spectacular. We got up there just in time for dusk. By the time we made it to the top deck Tokyo was just lighting up.

We came back down and then ventured back to the hotel. Quick shit, shower, shave and we were out again. This being Sunday quite a lot of the restaurants were closed. We ventured towards Shinjuku and settled on a little cafe/restaurant on the 3rd floor of a tower block. I had a pizza and Jamie had a chicken in wine sauce thing. All very good, all very poncy.

On the way there we did pass through the gay district, it was all fairly scary, although I’m sure we’ll pay it a visit one day next week.

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