Well if I die tomorrow at least I’ll know I’ve done some fairly weird shit

So this morning started with sex, which is always a good way to go. We then got up and basically went shopping. We went into Shibuya and watched the worlds busiest crossing from the worlds busiest Starbucks. Jamie bought various CD’s. I started stared in awe at the complete tat that was available.

We walked into Harajuku and around a park, we eventually came across a temple that we were looking for. So that’s all the culture out of the way.

We went back to the hotel and shit, showered, shaved, then ventured out to find the ‘Robot Restaurant’, we’d made a reservation from the hotel earlier.

This whole experience was about an hour long and consisted of inedible food and cheap beer. It was just bizare. About forty scantally clad women prancing about to various themes envolving robots and warriors and all sorts of weirdness. It’s almost impossible to describe, it was just a visceral feats of odd. You ended up with these giant mechanical robots fighting each other. I think it’s about as close as you can get to porn in Japan, saying that on leaving, some large black bloke was asking us if we wanted to visit a ‘titty bar’.

We found a real busy little cafe / bar thing on the way back and ate some junk. Now very tired, it’s all coming to an end now. Mount Fuji tomorrow and that’s about it. It’s been pretty cool all in all.

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