Wine tasting and drain cleaning, don’t get the two confused

Ok so yesterday started off with the usual process of getting up late. The proceeded to do just about everything backwards. Had lunch then took the dog for a walk. Then did the shopping, on the way back went to John Lewis and bought a posh cheese board.

We went out this evening to Lisa & Andy’s with my sister and Shaun. Shaun has just passed his driving test. Anyway, we were going for a wine tasting which I bought on a Groupon months and months ago. So little fat man turned up with two very large luggage type cases full of wine. I got given a bottle of red for the booking (which wasn’t bad as the whole thing only cost £19). He asked us all what sort of wine we drank then we proceeded to sample 13 bottles, it was all very educational and we all got merrily pissed. At the end of it I ordered for hundred quids worth, which I’m sure pleased little fat man no end, as he then left all the sample bottles for us to kill off, including a rather nice New Zealand white at 20 quid a bottle that I was rather partial to. Shaun drove home, I think he drove fine, I really can’t remember.

Now this morning as usual after a fairly heavy session I was up like a shot at 6AM. Couldn’t really get back to sleep so watched the X-Factor at 7:30 then pottered around a bit doing various dull things. I then ventured out into the garden where I spent the next three hours chopping the bits of tree that I felled last week into the wheelie bin. Then I decided it was time to check the drains again as the kitchen sink is running slow. Shoved a hose pipe up from the outside towards the kitchen, gummed up with shit (literally), so spent the next three hours jetting raw sewage all other the place, I still haven’t got it completely unblocked but it’s certainly running better than it was. I’ve poured a load of drain cleaner down it, but I imagine it’s going to need another pretty serious session. That’s Jamie and his bloody fried food.

Mother turned up (she was invited) when I was covered in shit (again literally). I washed off then presented her with various different coffees. I wasn’t overly in a social mood at this point, so she didn’t hang around long. But did delivery fruit cake.

Then did the accounts and paid everyone. Trying to work out how I’ve knocked up three grand on my credit card this month and then decided it was because I keep buying stuff. So then sat down and bought some more, mainly Jamie’s Christmas presents. Got a few more to get but at least I made a start.

I need to order all the heating electrics next week and get a start on that, or the fitting date will be round before I know it. Anyway now its wine and bath time, then the US Grand Prix I think.

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