pfSense – the revenge

So started of this morning with one more tweak to the mobile game, not sure if it’s been submitted to Apple or not yet. Anyway, spent the rest of the day play testing it. No real significant issues that I could see. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it as well.

Decided to try this fasting diet thing, as the only change I had to make to my existing diet to get under the 600 calories was to remove the sausage roll from my salad and the two slices of bread from my lunchtime sandwich, and that was it.

Walked the dog, we did the wet route today as it wasn’t particularly nice.

Went to the gym and did combat. Came back and started to do battle with the new pfSense box. New box is built, this is this nice Jetway board with quad lan. The version of pfSense already on the flash card is the release version and that doesn’t appear to support the new network nics. So I’m now trying to get a version of the nano pfsense on to the flash card. This is turning out to be somewhat problematic. I don’t actually have a machine with a compact flash card interface on it, except for one linux box with one mounted as a sata drive and another one on the new Jetway board. So I’m now trying to install it off a USB flash drive. The good news is the new version does seem to support the NIC’s, the bad news is it won’t actually mount as a file system. So what I’ve done now is install a bootable version of Ubuntu on to the flash drive, I’ll then copy over the cf image to it and then try and write that to the flash card. I still then have to update the boot block as it will no doubt have the old issue with being unable to boot properly from the wake on lan. So lots of fun things to play with ahead.

2 thoughts on “pfSense – the revenge

  1. The 600 calorie fast is just twice a week and not back to back. You must then make sure you eat ( for a man) approx 2500 calories per day, for the other 5 days, in other words a normal diet. By the way you don’t need to lose any weight or you will disappear!

  2. Yes, I was only planning on doing it on Monday and Wednesday, today the bread came back and I had my sausage roll. I only eat 890 calories anyway. I drink about 7,000.

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