Saturday morning…dream time

I do enjoy Saturdays, it’s where I can get up slightly later than the lateness I get up during the week anyway. I think it’s still residual Prozac (now down to one tab every four days), but I do get wonderful dreams. Usually quite surreal and disturbing, but always fun. I do get a strange recurrent one, where I believe that I sold my house and end up living at my mothers. It then takes me a couple of hours to convince myself that this nightmare hasn’t actually happened.

Anyway, after dream session I found myself being way behind time wise as I had a lot to do. Needed to visit my sister and pick up a Freeview box for mother. So decided to take the dog out and walk there to save time, then ended up chatting for too long so put me back even further. Came back and had lunch, decided to do the shopping later or I’d never get out.

So then ventured into town where I needed to pick up a couple of waterproof Kagols for next weeks trip out (and possibly for tomorrow). That was achieved, so then off to mothers, where I had fun mainly one sided conversation about how she couldn’t afford to keep her car on the road. If she bought less crap from QVC that would probably do it.

Met up with Jamie and did the shopping. Came home and did the accounts, bathed the dog (she needs to look pretty for tomorrow) and now finally settled down. I think I’m going to have a quick bath now to make up for the lack of one yesterday. Already on the wine.

Tomorrow we are having a picnic out with Sasha for the Hollyhedge fun day. I’m sure that will descend into some kind of chaos. I really must then move the server into cabinet and tidy up this room, it’s a hell of a state. Oh, and probably have another bath.

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