And then we went to the mother-in-law’s

Started off on the ima4 codec again. Managed to convince the iMac to convert a wav file to an aifc. That was still getting distortion, traced that to it using the step/sample hint on each block each time, when normally it doesn’t really need to. In the end I only used that for seeking. Worked fine in the end, decodes lovely. Now doing the encoder, which is straightforward except for the file format which contains a 10 byte encoded float just to complicate things. Will get that finished pretty quickly. Then I want to add an MP3 encoder and that’s about all codec work finished then except may be for Android.

Jamie actually walked the dog with me today, so same distance, but my arm didn’t feel like it was put through a mangle.

Went to BodyPump, no running afterwards as we then headed out to Alison’s as it was her birthday the other day.

Now back, about to hang up the washing and eat pizza. Fun days.

pfSense news, had a bounced mail today as it appears that it’s not sending out on the correct ip addresses, will need to investigate further. But defo next job is to pile it all into the cabinet.

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